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ZJ Series Double Shaft Mixer

Double shaft mixer equipped with preliminary water device, it is not less than 200 mm that nozzle from material surface distance, use water atomization, fully prewetting.
Driving shaft and driven shaft using shaft pin stationary and the whole processing, coaxial degree good, strong rigidity, ensure that the strength of the overall shaft and make smooth operation.

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Detailed product description

Main Application:
Double shaft mixer is main equipment of preliminary water into the ball equipment in the cement plant, this machine is mainly used for  the preliminary water stirring before balling machine in the cement plant, also can be used for other materials agitation in the same circumstances.
1.Mixing blade embedded weld hard alloy head, good abrasion resistance, long service life
2.Mixing blade Angle with the definite direction fixed on the shaft , nut fastening, or so shaft position clear, easy to assemble
3.The machine adopts the arc-shaped bottom, the whole frame, the merits of appearance, beautiful and generous.
4.Power system around replacement according to customer requirements.
Technical Parameters:

Model ZJ40/27 ZJ50/27 ZJ65/32
Transport capacity t/h 10-15 15-20 20-25
In and out of material mouth center distance mm 2700 2700 3200
Rotate speed r/min 42 42 40
Motor power kw 11 11 18.5
Reducer model ZQ40 ZQ50 ZQ65
Reference weight kg 2100 2650 3280