XZ Series Air Slide

The XZ series Air Slide pneumatic conveying chute belong to fluidized bed conveyer equipment, it by fluctuation two groove shell component in the fluctuation shell sandwiched between have wear-resisting, high temperature resistant and permeability very good ventilation layer, the shell by certain Angle decorate, material is charging equipment, to join the shell, high-pressure centrifugal fan as power source, gas permeability layer to make materials fluidized inflatable material namely after along the oblique flows forward reach conveyance purpose.

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Detailed product description

Main Application:
This machine is continuous conveying powder, granule shape and small block material ideal conveying equipment, which is widely used in bin and grain, feed and bulk materials, chemical, cement, metallurgy, building materials, machinery and other industries and departments.
The machine has the high life, balanced running, simple and reasonable structure, sealing strong, convenient installation, combination quick, safe and reliable work, conveying distance can be arbitrary choice etc.
Technical Parameters:

Model FS250 FS315 FS400 FS500 FS630 FS800
Tub length Standard section(mm) 2000
Non-Standard section(mm) <2000
Need air pressure(kpa) 4-4.5
Need air quantity(m3/min) 1-4
Material Synthetic fiber
Thickness(mm) 4-6
rating of temperature(°C) 150
Radial fracture strength(N/cm) 4700
Resistance(Pa) 800-1200(under2 m3/ m2.min )