Slag Extractor

Scraper slag machine is mechanization discharge device used for 1 ~ 6 t/h chain grate and reciprocating grate boiler. Boiler adopts mechanization dump, reduce the intensity of labor, eliminate slag dust pollution, improved health conditions of boiler room.

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Detailed product description

Main Application:
This machine is widely used in steel mill, iron plant, power plant, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, etc.
1. To ensure the equipment operation safety, each machine would be equipped with mechanical overload protection device.
2. Beautiful appearance of equipment, convenient maintenance, ring chain using high strength quenching chain and long service life
3. The drag force of equipment is double the domestic similar products.
Technical Parameters:

Item Parameter
Remove slag ability 2t/h
Scraper speed 3.9m/min
power of motor 1.1kw
Final rated torque 750N·m
Scraper length 330mm
Equipment operation noise <80dB(A)