DY Type Mobile Belt Conveyor

The mobile belt conveyor is a kind of wide application conveying equipment. Mobile belt conveyor is widely used in light industry, electronics, food, chemical, wood, machinery, grain and other industries.
Mobile belt conveyor can be divided into horizontal mobile belt conveyor and inclined mobile belt conveyor.

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Detailed product description

Main Application
Bulk material: cement, sand, gravel, grain, fertilizer, sugar, salt, cookies etc.
Other material: cartons, bags, machine parts etc.

1. Simple structure, convenient and reliable operation, high efficiency, low noise etc.
2. Allowed to tilt conveying, max slant angle is 25 degree.
3. Material of belt: Rubber, PVC, PU, NN etc.
4. You can choose adjustable speed motor, adjust speed acc to your need.
5. Acc to client’s requirements, the mobile belt conveyor can be designed adjust height.

Technical parameters

Item DY400 DY500 DY650 DY800 DY1000
Length of machine(m) 3~20
Belt width(m) 400 500 650 800 1000
Belt speed(m) 0.4~1.25
Conveying height 6.52
Conveying capacity (m3/h) 60 120 220 500 1000
(t/h) 40 80 150 200 300
dip angle(°) 0°~18°
Electric roller Model DY DY DY DY DY
Power(kw) 2.2 2.2 3.0 4.0 7.5