DT II standard Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is the conveying equipment that has big throughput, low operating cost, wide range of application , According to the support structure, there are fixed type and mobile type. According to the conveying belt, there are rubber belt, plastic belt and steel belt.

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Detailed product description

Main Application
The belt conveyor is mainly used in coal mining, quarry, metal mining, chemical industry, port, grain etc.
The working temperature is between  - 10 ℃ and 40 ℃ in general and the material temperature is not more than 70 ℃. If using heat resistant rubber belt, the material temperature can be up to 120 ℃. When conveying acid, alkali, oil materials or material with organic solvent, it need to choose oil, acid and alkali resistant rubber belt or plastic belt. There are six widths of the belt:500、650、800、1000、1200、1400mm.Users can confirm the layout and belt type according to lifting height , material type, throughput and conveying distance.
Technical Parameters:

Belt width(mm) Belt speed(m/s) Conveying capacity(m³/h) Motor Power(kw)
Groove type Flat type
500 0.8-2.5 78-232 41-125 1.5-30
650 0.8-2.5 131-391 67-211 1.5-40
800 1.0-3.15 278-824 118-350 1.5-75
1000 1.0-3.15 435-1233 230-546 3-100
1200 1.0-4.0 655-2202 345-821 4-185
1400 1.0-4.0 891-2996 469-1117 4-185