Apron feeder

Apron Feeder

Apron Feeder
New series belt feeder is widely used to feed the bulk material in the conveying system in coal,metallurgy,building 

material,chemicals.etc.The principle of belt conveyor is applied,combined stepless adjustable speed motor is used

as transmission power,so the belt speed can be adjusted by manual or automatic as the practical requirement.

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Detailed product description


The traction chain with long pitch plate pin shaft roller chain, every parts of chain adopts alloy steel material, and through scientific heat treatment, wear-resisting performance is good, high tensile strength, long service life, introduce the stamping groove, the middle use reinforcing rib, the performance is good, large carrying capacity. To prevent material leakage, base plate of trough bottom with circular lap. In order to reasonably choose throughput, the drive motor use speed motor, speed adjustable. A variety of arrangement forms, can level, tilting arrangement, there are a variety of levels and tilt combination arrangement. Single delivery length less than 60m, hoisting height less than 30m. Maximum transmission angle is 75°. Temperature of material is less than 600℃. The models can be divided into light plate feeder, medium plate feeding machine, medium plate feeding machine.

Plate width
Head to tail shaft center distance(mm) Speed
Particle size
Reference weight
WBZ160-9 1600 9000 0.01-0.07 ≤1000 27-270 30 50000
WBZ180-8 1800 8000 0.01-0.07 ≤1000 ≤500 37 59000
WBZ180-10 1800 10000 0.01-0.07 ≤1000 ≤500 37 66000
WBZ220-10 1800 10000 0.01-0.07 ≤1200 ≤700 45 85000
WBZ240-10 2400 10000 0.02-0.06 ≤1600 ≤850 2×37 95000
WBZ250-11.5 2500 11500 0.01-0.07 ≤1800 550-900 2×45 105000